Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Flies

How did it go from February to May so quickly???  I can't believe how fast Buzz is growing and how he has developed such great foundational skills that I hope to turn into an even better search dog.  He is sooo motivated for his toy and will now easily bark at ANYONE to get his toy..no shy violet here.  I have also amped up his hunting games, adding odor to the hunt.  He has so much enthusiasm for the 'game' and just launches himself as he starts the hunt.  It just makes me smile and laugh to watch him eagerly start the game.  I am now considering whether or not we want to focus on live-find disaster/area search work given his amazing nerve strength and enthusiasm for people.  I will be putting him through some 'tests' with my friends that really know disaster dog work in the next weeks - so we will see how he does.  I expect he will do really well if his current behavior is any indication.  I could not be happier with this boy...what a joy to train and work with. I wake each day and smile as I let him out of the crate and he tumbles out to greet me with his kisses....ready for the day ahead.  If only life were that simple and joyful for us humans on a daily basis!  Even the most simple thing like a discarded water bottle makes Buzz happy...I guess that is a lesson we all could learn from. :)