Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Flies.....again!

So a friend gave me a gentle reminder and poke - telling me it had been THREE MONTHS since my last blog post/update.  How did three months go by so fast and who stole all that time????  Buzz is now close to having the body of an adult Golden but still has the brain and antics of a total puppy...these are challenging times. :)  But he has also shown some remarkable maturity and focus in his training in the last month.

We have been working the bark barrel to build his bark indication for live find search work.  He has really gotten the concept of "person in the barrel has my toy....must bark LOUDLY and OFTEN to get them to open the lid and play tug".  And of course special thanks to my teammates Matt Noar and Lynne Fehr for letting me stuff them in a hot, dark, and windless plastic barrel when it is 90 degrees outside.  The things we will do to train our dogs!   I am in continual amazement at how quickly Buzz catches on to whatever I teach him or throw at him.  

He has a wonderful confidence and basically does not know any fear...which certainly has its downsides.  It seems the more he can jump, spin, and make himself airborne in pursuit of toys or play the happier he is.  His favorite morning activity is to run outside and do his business, then run laps around the yard while hurdling my landscaping and bouncing off the lawnchairs....which happen to rock and spin as he flies from one to the other.  Of course his version of acrobatic fun scared the crap out of me a few weeks back when he suddenly could not lay down without significant pain and was clearly having intense back pain.  After running all sorts of tests to rule out the scary stuff (thankfully all negative) it seemed he had just twisted some muscles in his back and with several days of rest and some meds he was all back to his 'flying walenda' self.    For all the chaos he seems to create, I can't think of a day that he has not made me smile and laugh.  He just seems to love every moment with so much gusto and nothing bothers him...a lesson I could certainly take note of and learn to apply in my own life.  Even when I catch him chewing a shoe - I go to take the shoe....feeling my anger welling up...and he simply looks up and me and licks my face as I take the shoe away....and any ounce of anger I had vaporizes with his grinning face.  Life is too short to be angry about a shoe, especially when you are so blessed to have a dog like Buzz!

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