Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Dog Training Day

Today Buzz got to join in the big dog training at the rubble pile and he came out of the truck and on to the rubble pile as if he had always been there.  This little guy has no fear and such wonderful confidence.  Today the goal was to just play with Buzz on 'baby rubble' and let him have fun tugging and playing on new surfaces and with new footing.  We played his favorite game of tug and he was all about the game...as usual.  Not much can keep him from wanting his tug toy...not even uneven surfaces or strange environments.  Then he got to learn from the "big dogs" following them around the rubble piles and learning how to navigate the voids and other obstacles.  Buzz had a great time with retired SAR dog Taeryn and his SAR pup buddy Kuster.  It is so amazing to see his level of confidence already.

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