Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The game of Hunting

It is amazing how my training approach and philosophy has changed over the years...I owe so much to the dogs that have come before Buzz - K9 Chief and K9 Sula.  I am so enjoying just taking my time with Buzz - letting him 'be a puppy' and not pushing him into odor work too quickly.  It is such a joy to just work on building the solid foundation of his natural hunt drives and a great reward system.  Sunday was a great day to continue the hunt games in a new environment, hiding Buzz's favorite toy in a wood pile with all sorts of people watching him. He was so focused on finding his toy, using his nose to follow the odor and ignoring all the people that were watching him.  All these skills are building such a great foundation for the more directed search work that is yet to come.  Knowing that Buzz will hunt and stay focused on his hunt is such a joy - that is they key to all the rest to come.  I am enjoying the lack of stress and anxiety I am feeling with Buzz...no need to rush him.  He will never be this baby pup again so I am soaking in every last moment of this joy...he will have a lifetime of work ahead of him.

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  1. Spoken like a true seasoned Mom! They grow up too fast, after a pup/kid or two you learn to slow down and enjoy the journey more...or just hang on and hope to keep your sanity! (0:
    I can't believe how big Buzz is already! He is so gorgeous.
    Love ya!